SME Invoicing online invoice payment collection

Online payment providers collect payment from your customers. Options allow for credit / debit card to be used, as well as Paypal and WorldPay.

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Payment Collection
Payment collection through Paypal Payment collection through Worldpay

There are a number of online payment providers which provide facilities for the collection of payments online. We currently have facilities to connect to Paypal and Worldpay, which provide, all the integration facilties required to monitor and track payments. any customer payment made is notified to the website within a minute iof the payment being made, giving you a real time view of your finances. Once an invoice payment has been notified, the payment is linked to the invoice for auditing purposes, allowing a fully transparent and traceable audit trail of all the activity on your accounts. when you add this to the statistics and reporting function in SME Invoicing, it gives you a complete and auditable analysis of your business finances through the website.